10 Things That Will Make Your Tomorrow Better.

Although I don't believe that we should live and learn according to the millions of blogs post that tell us 15- 25 things we should or shouldn't be or do, here are 10 simple things that have personally made a positive difference in my everyday life;

1.) I am a firm believer that in whatever mood you wake up in, that is the direction in which your day is going. Keep in mind that we cannot control negative thoughts, but we can 100% control our actions. If you wake up in a bad mood, you have the option to change that. Eat your Wheaties, look in the mirror and love yourself. Dress up, the better you look + feel about yourself, the better you will preform. Don't let your bad mood set you up for a disastrous day. 

2.) On your way too work/ school, think of 5 things you are thankful for and why you are thankful for them. Doesn't matter how great or small, be aware of your blessings, talents and the people in your life. 

3.) Find your favorite song, press play and absolutely jam out to it (eyes still on the road).

4.) Before noon tell 5 people they are awesome, beautiful or that you appreciate them. This is so powerful, try it and see.

5.) Work hard. Everything you do or touch, DO YOUR BEST. Success is not for the lazy. And it feels way better when you know you've done your best.

6.) Give. Give. Give. Compliments, help, words of encouragement etc..….giving doesn't always have to have money signs on it. 

7.) Laugh, for me when I need a good laugh I immediately set out on a search for our salon assistant Kristy- she always sings or tells terribly hilarious stories, I don't think I have ever walked away from a conversation with her without laughing. Google "jokes", learn them + tell them, embarrass yourself and just LAUGH about it. I believe laughter heals many things.

8.) Drink lots of water. I cannot stress enough.

9.) Dance at least 5 times or sing (if you ain't got rhythm) when its appropriate. It feels so good to bust a move every once in a while.

10.) If you love some one, call them and tell them. When you think you've told them enough…pick up the phone and tell them again.